Since 1952, Unitron has designed and manufactured  microscopes and telescopes for every type of industry and users.

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Many stargazers have grown up with the Unitron name on their favorite telescope — we've been designing and manufacturing celestial and terrestrial telescopes since 1952 — and there have been many exciting developments along the way...
Check out Unitron's ImageTrac® - our automatic celestial navigation system - one touch and your telescopes finds the object you want.
Unitron Telescopes — We offer a variety of refractor telescopes. Unitron telescopes offer the amateur stargazer an absolutely first quality instrument, built to exacting standards.
ImageTrac™ — Automatic Celestial Navigation System designed for the 3" Equatorial Refractor. With imageTrac™ you can spend your time observing — not looking for objects. Database of pre-plotted points, as well as remembering your own discoveries.

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