LUXO Microscopes by UNITRON®

The LUXO Microscopes by UNITRON product line is designed with today’s high-tech and manufacturing environments in mind. LUXO Microscopes by UNITRON offers a variety of products that meet the demands of numerous application requirements from inspection to assembly to rework. Inspection operators will appreciate the magnification range and ergonomic features of the microscope systems, and assembly and rework technicians will benefit from the greater working distances and versatility of the digital imaging systems.

System 373 Microscope

LUXO Stereo Microscopes

Choose from the ergonomically-designed VIP Microscope, the ESD-safe System 373 Trinocular Microscopes, the best-selling System 273 Binocular Microscopes, or the lighter-duty System 250 Binocular Microscope.

LUXO Stereo Stands

LUXO Stereo Stands

Choose from a variety of LUXO microscope stands that fit with your work environment, providing ideal access to your sample, and a comfortable observation position.

LUXO Illumination

LUXO Illumination

A variety of microscope illuminators provide the right fit with your work environment and illumination for observing your specimens in different lighting conditions.

MIDAS<sup>®</sup> Digital Inspection System

MIDAS® Digital Inspection System

The MIDAS® handheld digital inspection system is ideal for inspection, document authenticity, criminology, museum and artwork restoration, currency verification and gemstone and mineral examination.