Digital Microscopy Cameras

UNITRON’s digital and HD cameras are specifically engineered for low light, color critical and high speed applications for industrial inspection, forensic, material science, clinical and educational applications. Our new HD and XGA cameras provide high frame rates, crisp color images with the ability to easily capture images.

Quick Reference Guide-Cameras

Excelis HD

The Excelis HD Series offers full featured HD cameras with 60fps (AU-600-HD) or 30fps (AU-300-HD) in video preview with unrivaled color fidelity and on-board image capturing capability.

Excelis CMOS Camera

Extraordinary color and high resolution is the lastest “must have” microscopy camera for industry, manufacturing and life sciences.

CMOS & CCD Cameras

Designed for use in brightfield microscopy applications and defect analysis.

HD Cameras

1080p HD cameras with USB connectivity for industrial inspections, clinical and classroom applications.

CMOS Cameras

Designed to be a cost-effective, versatile solution for clinical, life science, materials science and educational professionals.

CCD Cameras

Versatile solution for clinical, life science, materials science, and educational professionals working under challenging light conditions.

CCD USB 3.0 Cameras

Designed for use in scientific and industrial applications requiring optimal color reproduction, extreme sensitivity, increase resolution and high speed.

CCD Cameras

Designed to be used for a variety of applications, both color and monochrome models are available.

Pixel Shifting Camera

Offers incredible flexibility in capturing images at 2, 8, 16, and 32 megapixel resolution.


Mini Automatic
Digital Microscope

Small, versatile and easy to use with push button controls for zooming in/out, autofocusing, adjusting brighteness, and taking pictures.